About the Instructor

Senior Master Tactics Instructor Pedro Rodriguez

7th Dan Black Belt Hapkido

6th Dan Black Belt Ju Jitsu

Full Instructor Jeet Kune Do

Instructor Filipino Martial Arts

Level 2 Instructor Arnis

Level 1 Instructor Modern Arnis

Police Defense Tactics Instructor

Tactical Expandable Baton Instructor

GM Pedro Rodriguez has been training for over 30 Years in Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Self Defense and Defense Tactics and has incorporated Tactics from each Discipline to Develop one of the most sought after Reality Based Self Defense Systems in the world.MMA Tactical Defense System has received accolades from around the world for its Simple, Direct and Effective Style. MMATDS is a cutting edge system that does away with all fancy esoteric Martial Arts Moves and gets straight to the point of Assault Prevention!!! As a Self Defense system it is Practical Effective and Easy to Learn.

Our Training Methodology:

Learn the Tactics

Practice the Tactics

Master the Tactics

Functionalize the Tactics






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