About us


Prevention Is the Best Self-Defense... But when things get REAL, you have to ACT FAST!!!


MMA Pro Fit is a complete fitness, self defense, and combat sport training facility for men and women interested real life Mixed Martial Arts training and MMA Fitness.

Whether you're looking to shed some extra pounds, boost your cardio, sculpt the perfect six pack, or put on some serious muscle, our fitness program provides you with everything you need to achieve all of your goals.

WE plan the perfect routine AND DIET for you to ensure safety and proper form, as well as maximize your results.

If you are looking for the perfect self defense system we can guide you from beginner student all the way to certified instructor in the most DEVASTATING Self Defense System in the World. From Stand Up Fighting to Ground Survival with weapons mixed in between we have the Perfect Solution.The main philosophy in our self-defense is to end the fight as quickly as possible.

Not only will you learn how to destroy your assailant quickly, but you will learn key principals in: 

  • movement
  • stances
  • weaknesses in stances
  • disarms, joint locks
  • strikes, kicks, blocks
  • which points to strike on the human body to cause the most dysfunction and escape
  • joint manipulation techniques
  • De-Escalating a Bad Situation
  • Learn to Reduce Your Risks

MMA Pro Fit