Ground Survival

Should you end up on the ground, Ground Survival Tactics will teach you how to use this undesirable position to your tactical advantage immediately. Topics include the best method for hitting the deck, subject take-downs, tackle defense, the ground-conflict position and ways to generate powerful arm strikes from the ground. Learn the latest police and military recovery methods for escape and evasion, how to use the environment to your advantage and how to get back on your feet.

  • Overview GST Tactics principles and concepts

  • Supine Striking Tactics and Drills

  • Physiology of a ground fight

  • Training equipment needs; equipment list

  • Gun Retention and Disarming in a ground fight

  • Disarm attempts and Use Of Force

  • Common ground positions and movements

  • Grounded strike defense

  • Grounded recovery positions

  • Ground escapes and reversals

  • Ground knife fighting principles

  • Ground gun defense

  • Ground gun retention

  • Reality based ground drills

    - Recognizing lethal open hand threats
    - Weapon isolation and weapon retention
    - Avoiding bludgeoning on the ground
    - Avoiding edged weapons on the ground
    - Avoiding chokes on the ground
    - Avoiding joint locks on the ground
    - Role of joint destruction in defensive tactics
    - Dealing with multiple opponents
    - Clearing your way back to you feet

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