Modern Arnis

Modern Arnis is the system of Filipino martial arts founded by Remy Presas as a self-defense system. His goal was to create an injury-free training method as well as an effective self-defense system in order to preserve the older Arnis systems. The term Modern Arnis was used by Remy Presas' younger brother Ernesto Presas to describe his style of Filipino martial arts; since 1999 Ernesto Presas has called his system Kombatan. It is derived principally from the traditional Presas family style of the Bolo (machete) and the stick-dueling art of Balintawak Eskrima, with influences from other Filipino and Japanese martial arts.Arnis is the Philippines' national martial art and sport.

Filipino Tactical Defense System (Our Version of Filipino Martial Arts for Street Self Defense) draws from Modern Arnis as-well as Arnis De Mano Kali and Several other FMA.Our intent is to bring to the practitioner a Modern Cutting Edge Weapons Self Defense System that is useful in Reality Based Self Defense Situations and is Practical Effective and Easy to Learn while still Being Devastatingly Brutal.

No Glitz Glamor of Fancy Packaging just Straightforward Fight Ending Tactics

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